10 must try at the ongoing Kongunadu Food Fest @Savya Rasa, Pune

Savya Rasa has always been one my favorite places for all good reason one of them being the importance they lay on preserving & keeping alive the authentic cuisines of South India. The restaurant is currently hosting the Kongunadu Food Fest from 22nd July– 2nd July 2017 which is a inspired by  Kongunadu cuisine of Tamil Nadu & over the years has lost it’s importance due to Chettinadu & other southern fares.

Brief about Kongunadu cuisine:

  • Word Kongu means honey/ nectar which reflects the people & flavors of Tamil Nadu.
  • The dishes in this cuisine have been inspired by 50 cities from the state.
  • The dish carry a unique flavor as unlike other cuisines it does not involve marinating the raw material.
  • The cuisine emphasizes more on usage of sesame seeds, groundnuts, dry coconut, dry ginger & roasted turmeric for unique flavors.

Welcome drinks

  •  Neer Moru & Paanagam


These two sweet & spicy drinks are just perfect to start off your meal, the Neer Moru is a spiced buttermilk whereas the  Paanagam is a sweet welcome drink made of lemon juice, jaggery, dry ginger, cardamon & holy basil.

  •  Neikkarapatti Narukattu Gola Urundai


These are the mutton balls pounded fine with spices, made into balls and tied with a banana fibre. The tender mutton crumble are double cooked fried & are a regional delicacy from the Palani hills in Tamil Nadu.

  • Kongu Yeral Varuval


This is something which is basic yet so amazing. The prawns are pan fried in chilly & turmeric spice paste. The spice level is not excess and suitable for every palate.

  • Sola Saapadu Urundai


These are the shorghum millet dumplings slow cooked with butter, buttermilk, sambhar powder & shallots. A must recommendation for vegetarians.

  • Asari Kozhi


In other words Asari Kozhi means” Carpenter’s chicken”. The tender chicken morsels are stirred fried with chilly & turmeric. The thick gravy wraps well around the chicken pieces & give a rich taste too.

  • Nippatu Settu


Nippatu Settu was a canapé of thattai murukku with added toppings of beetroot, carrot, onion and chillies. The semi-crispy bread is topped with some juicy beetroot and is generally eaten like a pani-puri .

  • Karandi Omlette


A treat for all eggetarian, this monstrous omlette is made up using a long handle iron pan used to temper gravies & chutneys.

  • Thakkali Sevai

Similar to the Bambino sevai this dish surely made me remember my childhood. The Sevai is tossed in tomato & spices further topped with curry leaves & cashew.

  • Curries & breads


If the starter were super sumptuous than i have no words to describe the curries. The Vellai Kozhi Kozhambu  were the chicken cubes cooked green chilli, onions & coconut paste.Viraal Meen Kuzhambu was the tangy murrel curry with ample amount of shallots & garlic. Murungakkai Vazhaipoo Kuzhambu was a very unique mix of drumsticks & palntain flowers cooked in coconut based gravy. Karipala Kozhumbu was a mock mutton dish for vegetarians made of bread fruit. The curries went extremely well with the Ragi Kara Roti & Kambu Dosai.

  • Seembu Paal & Beniyan with Palani Panchamurtham

Beniyan with Palani Panchamirtham & Seemu Paal brought the perfect sweet end to a perfect dinner night at the exquisite Savya Rasa.

At last a big shoutout to Ms Shivangi form Carpe Diem and team Savya Rasa for hosting us.

The Kongunadu Food Festival is on from 22nd July– 2nd July 2017.


{Disclaimer: The bloggers table was hosted by Team Savya Rasa and the content is solely mine.The images have been self clicked.}



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